Saturday, 14 August 2010

Pain Transferal

Back in 1999 we gave a talk at a healing centre in Waltham Abbey, Essex. Before doing a talk we always ask for a volunteer for pain removal so during the talk they can give a firsthand account of their experience.

Prior to the presentation we went to one side and the lady explained that she had Arthritis affecting her legs, the pain though could only be felt in her hips. We went through the process to remove the pain and she was surprised that the pain had not gone but moved to her knees. We went through the process for the pain removal but this time from her knees and she then said something along the lines of 'This is strange, the pain's moved to my ankles'. We successfully removed the pain from her ankles and she was overjoyed that this long standing pain had gone albeit that it had moved during the process.

This was an ideal scenario for our talk on pain removal. What actually had happened here was that the pain had been removed from the hips but the lesser pain signals from her knees kicked in once they had became dominant. The same happened again once the pain was relieved from the knees the ankle pain became dominant.

This actually is another example of how the mind naturally withholds the pain signals from the conscious mind. All three areas were sending pain signals yet only one was being experienced.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Stop Pain Now uses "The Secret"

The process for instant pain control applies "The Secret", with immediate results.

Here's an introduction to "The Secret"...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Not Limited To Pain Relief

Firstly I need to reiterate that instant pain relief is exactly what is achieved using this therapy. Instant meaning straight-away, not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW - instantly.

Ok, that said. There are many other health benefits using this therapy however the results are not necessarilly instant yet just as powerful.

When I first started using this therapy I was contacted by someone who was suffering from Agrophobia. This was the first time I had come across this request so offered a free consultation. Upon meeting with this lady she informed me that when she was 16 years old she had a life threatening accident whilst working in a factory. Since that time she had been agrophobic and would rarely if ever go out. She would never go out on her own, would have to have a family member with her and would only go out in a car, never walk anywhere. When she did go out in the car 99% of the time she would have panic attacks and have to come home earlier than they had planned.

Ok, what stunned me was that her accident had ocurred 40 years prior to this!

With a case like this instant results are not going to happen so we put together a list of declarations which she only needed to say once and would begin to effect a change in her for the next 30 days.

On my second visit she said that she had begun to go out more in the car and had not returned earlier, they had always completed the trip. This was an amazing result after just one consultation. We then compiled a second set of declarations which again she only had to say once whilst I was there to cover her again for the next 30 days.

At the next visit she informed me that she had for the first time in over 40 years gone for a walk on her own, just to the post box and although wary, she did not panic. She said that over the previous two months I had given her the confidence to overcome her fear. She said that she would try to continue on her own and that she would contact me if she required any further help.

Well, I never did hear from her again but was in her home town a couple of years ago. We were browsing round some shops when we bumped into her. She was out shopping on her own also browsing round the shops. She had totally overcome her agrophobia and was living a perfectly normal life, which is why we had never heard from her again.

This was most certainly a 'wow' event for me, and if this had been the only person I had ever helped, I would have been happy.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Pain Control is 'Mind Over Mind'

As we've mentioned previously pain is subjective.

The best independant evidence of this is PLP (Phantom Limb Pain). This is the phenomena where people have had limbs amputated and can still feel pain in the amputated limb, i.e. pain in their digits etc. It is not possible for the limb to hurt as it no longer attached to the nervous system, so this is a prime example of 'pain memory' and this existing in the mind and not in the muscles as conventional medicine believes.

Where our therapy works on firstly removing 'pain memory' and then any remaining pain, this can only be described as 'Mind Over Mind' and not 'Mind Over Matter'. This is why the therapy is so effective, it is not something psychic or a form of faith healing, we are over-riding the original signals sent from the nerves.

In many cases this is purely 'pain memory', where the mind is still issuing the 'pain experience' despite the nerves no longer sending any signals to the mind, or where there's a trigger which actiavtes the 'pain memory'. We need to remember that although the brain is powerful, it is highly impressionable. If we send it the correct instructions it will obey.

Often people will reinforce their pain quite innocently. Imagine having an injury that is aggrevated whilst jogging, you're likely to tell the doctor (and your mind) 'my foot hurts when I jog'. The doctor diagnoses the problem, and the mind has a clear instruction for your foot to hurt whilst you jog!

Monday, 2 August 2010

5 Volunteers Wanted

We are now looking for 5 volunteers who would like to experience instant pain relief. This is so we can test out the best working practices for using this system over the internet.

This could be pain relief from Arthritis, Back Pain etc.

They must have access to Skype.

Contact us at for further details.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Feeling Returned to Numb Areas

One side-affect linked to long-term pain can be numbness in toes or fingers, depending on the condition.

Last week a guy came to us with extreme back pain and he also said that this had affected his toes which were numb. Within minutes we had cleared the back pain but the numbness remained.

We tried the same technique but this time concentrated just on returning the feeling to the numb toes, this worked instantly.

The nature of this form of therapy is to produce a biological effect instantly. It is likely that the numbness would have returned in its own time, yet with the power of the mind you don't need time as a healer.